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Client : Freshly Crafted 

Date : Nov 2020


Freshly Crafted is an organic and natural Mauritian skincare brand, that values nature and natural beauty. They have 7 products in their line, each having as main ingredient : nature. After five years in business, they came to us in search of a new identity as fresh as their products. Through our workshop, one of their main objectives was to differentiate and to position themselves as a leading natural skincare brand and reconnect with their core customers with the focus to pitch each product as organic, and build the brand as one that is environmental friendly, simple yet affordable and empowering for women.

The slogan was chosen to convey that the ingredients used in the product are potent. As the skincare products are handmade and formulated using fresh organic ingredients, we worked on a visual language that creates a direct connection with nature, feminity which is reflected in their brand identity with an interchangeable logo in an almost natural style which showcases it’s essence with the logotype, leaf icon incorporated and coupled with the simple selection of flat and earthy toned colours backed with typography, copywriting and tone of voice.

The new packaging focuses on the essential and also reflects the spirit of the brand. The colors have been chosen to distinguish each product based on its main ingredient, and we went a step further by representing each of them with hand-drawn illustrations to evoke that touch of ‘handmade’.