Client :
Port Louis Development Initiative (PLDI)

Project :
Create a new website

Challenge :
Explain what PLDI does and communicate its value to a diverse audience. Simplify messaging. Give a fresh image to their existing identity while elevating trust.

Goals :
Create brand awareness, informative, improve interaction with potential partners.

Look & Feel : Lively, friendly, approchable.

Solution :
Develop a community-focused, eye-catching, and friendly illustration, which will be memorable and easily communicate PLDI’s purpose and will easily connect with their target audience. A new strategy for messaging was also developed that simplified their content and made it more concise.

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Approach & concept of illustration : A descriptive hero section which will resonate with main text and at the same time connect with the audience at first glance. The idea was to create an urban scene, with the well-known buildings found in Port Louis as silhouette in the backgound, while making a focus on individuals doing various activities related to the vision of PLDI. The logo is also placed at the heart of the scene to show the connection of PLDI towards the various development happening in the city.

Port Louis view – selection of most well known buildings in the business area.
Building 1 – Telecom Tower
Building 2 – Air Mauritius
Building 3 – State Bank of Mauritius
Building 4 – Bank of Mauritius